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The Ecstatic – A breath of fresh joints

The new album just dropped on June 9, 2009 is just what Mos Def fans, and music lovers have been waiting for. Recently I’ve been thinking to myself “Do solid full albums even get made anymore”? Well, seems like “The Ecstatic” screams a resounding YES! Since I’ve put the CD (yes I said cd) into the player I have not been able to stop listening to it. This album has the classic Blackstar flavor along with 2009’s current fresh mixture of singing and rhyming! On a full length 16 track album? “Unheard of” you say? With the singles “Life in Marvelous Times” (track 7) and “Casa Bey” (track 16), and production from Madlib, The Neptunes, Preservation, and even the late great JDilla. This is the definitive answer for those seeking real music, in a time where it is hard to even find an artist who can create a full album!