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KERO ONE – Welcome to The Bay

Good Hip Hop is here once again!
I ran into KERO ONE sometimes last year at one of his club events out in LA. Probably one of the coolest emcees that I’ve met in a while. I first heard his sound back when he had 20 friends on myspace, and Immediately showed support. KERO ONE, brings a sound that is unique to himself. Raised in the Bay KERO provides a organic Hip Hop/Jazz sound over rhymes.  KERO says that no one was producing music they way he’d like to be, so went the extra mile to create it himself. The elements around his sounds are so nice that at times you can feel like you’ve been taken on a “Musical Journey”.
KERO’s first album “Windmills of the Soul”, released in 2005, is easily a masterpiece to anyone who appreciates music.

In anticipation for his second album, “EARLY BELIEVERS”, KERO drops his 1st Music Video for his lead single, “Welcome To The Bay”.