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Kidz In The Hall – Wheels Fall Of

Something about Kidz In The Hall makes them feel like they made their debut back when Pete Rock was at his prime, but ironically that isn’t case. Kidz In the Hall was formed in 2000. Representing Chicago , These two kidz bring something fresh to the table. Check out their 2006 single “Wheels Fall Off”.


DJ Mitsu the Beats – “Promise In Love”

DJ Mitsu the Beat, the producer and beat maker of the Japanese Hip Hop unit, Gagle. He has recently ventured out to countries outside of Japan to share his musical creations. In “Promise In Love” DJ Mitsu collaborates with Jose James to create a very groovy R&B/Soul track. It reminds me of some classic Soul joints my parents used to play to me.


Epik High – Map The Soul

Epik High, a Korean Hip Hop, unit has collaborated with KERO ONE and MYK to create the worldwide version of their song “Map The Soul”.

Check this out! This is serious Hip Hop!


KERO ONE – Welcome to The Bay

Good Hip Hop is here once again!
I ran into KERO ONE sometimes last year at one of his club events out in LA. Probably one of the coolest emcees that I’ve met in a while. I first heard his sound back when he had 20 friends on myspace, and Immediately showed support. KERO ONE, brings a sound that is unique to himself. Raised in the Bay KERO provides a organic Hip Hop/Jazz sound over rhymes.  KERO says that no one was producing music they way he’d like to be, so went the extra mile to create it himself. The elements around his sounds are so nice that at times you can feel like you’ve been taken on a “Musical Journey”.
KERO’s first album “Windmills of the Soul”, released in 2005, is easily a masterpiece to anyone who appreciates music.

In anticipation for his second album, “EARLY BELIEVERS”, KERO drops his 1st Music Video for his lead single, “Welcome To The Bay”.


How much did “Hip-Hop” infulence the recession?

Listening to my favorite cut of all time: Mass Appeal by: Gangstarr, caused me to think…

It is in the context of our present economic “recession” that I raise this question:  How much did “Hip-Hop” infulence the recession?   Most people reading this blog already know the history on how Hip-Hop rose from the slums of New York City, to become a global melting pot of outspoken creation on all artistic mediums by generation X and Y’ers (not just music – don’t get it twisted).   We all know about the commericialization of the music and the culture into mainsteam society.  

Hip-Hop was the ugly duckling that grew into a gorgeous swan, only to get its innocence exploided by Uncle Sam .   It has flooded every profitable (currency) market from childeren’s toys to liquors; marketing the false persona that “Bling Bling” is going to enrich our lives and bring us happiness.   Basically in a nutshell Corporate Americana is marketing greed to this “tv” nation.   

What better source than Hip-Hop to relay these messages of greed with?  Hip-Hop reaches every demographic in this nation.  It provides jobs to people that don’t even like the music or know what it really is.   It causes people to want things that they can’t afford, to buy things they can’t pay off.  We all know what that lead (and continues to lead) toward.

Now don’t get me wrong I do belive in the American dream of making a dollar out of fifteen cents. I don’t want to be hypocritical by saying I don’t like nice cars and enriching myself with material things when I have a little extra cash.   But…

Just a thought I needed to write…  there’s a lot more I want to discuss but I feel myself getting a bit off of the subject so signing off for now…


Reppin’ Checkmate Films – LA, CA… All Day!

Mass Appeal by: Gangstarr


What’s good.

Wsup everbody. Thanks for Sonny for getting this started up, and I thought it was about time I jumped on this. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to blog on first, but a song randomly came onto my itunes and really caught my attention. I’m sure most of you have probably heard of the song, but I’m not quite sure if many people have really taken a closer listen to it.

The track I’m talking about is track “The Seed” by The Roots off Phrenology (2002).

The song at first listen has caught a lot of listeners from its catchy guitar riff & heavy vocals from Cody Chestnutt. But has anyone really thought about the song is really about? Surely Black Thought wouldn’t just be making some song about having sex, or in this case “pushing my seed in her bush for life.” Well have a listen for yourself…

The track could be interpreted in a plethora of ways, but what’s my personal take? Really, I think there’s a few different messages in the song.

With the first verse, Black Thought is probably alluding to the typical perception of large record companies.

“She wants neo soul cause hip hop is old
She don’t want no rock’n roll
She want platinum, ice and gold
She want a whole lot of somethin’ to fold
If you’re an obstacle she’ll just drop you cold”

You could take this a reoccurring theme with Black Thought, but there’s also some other interpretations. With Cody Chestnutt, I was kinda taken off guard. What if the song was about the fusion of Hip Hop and Rock N Roll?

Maybe pushing the seed, it’s implanting this idea of rock n roll or a live band aspect within hip hop. A different direction of hip hop, that the Roots uniquely have always taken. I haven’t really put much thought into it, but its an intriguing idea. Let me know what y’all think.


Substantial – It’s You (I Think)

Many who know the Japanese producer NUJABES probably heard the record “Blessing It” or “Think Different”. Representing Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Substantial’s largest fanbases reside in Japan, but he is known world wide. Check out his latest single “It’s You(I Think)” produced by Kno (of CunninLynguist).