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The Ecstatic – A breath of fresh joints

The new album just dropped on June 9, 2009 is just what Mos Def fans, and music lovers have been waiting for. Recently I’ve been thinking to myself “Do solid full albums even get made anymore”? Well, seems like “The Ecstatic” screams a resounding YES! Since I’ve put the CD (yes I said cd) into the player I have not been able to stop listening to it. This album has the classic Blackstar flavor along with 2009’s current fresh mixture of singing and rhyming! On a full length 16 track album? “Unheard of” you say? With the singles “Life in Marvelous Times” (track 7) and “Casa Bey” (track 16), and production from Madlib, The Neptunes, Preservation, and even the late great JDilla. This is the definitive answer for those seeking real music, in a time where it is hard to even find an artist who can create a full album!


The Cool Kids – Black Mags

“Black Mags” are magnesium alloy wheels that can be found on bicycles. With their cool, ol’school image and experimental/hyphy type production, the Cool Kids will make sure that you know that. Coming out of Illinois, these Kids got something fresh.


Celebrate “Dilla” Month…

When Hip-Hop was it’s commercialization stage J Dilla was a kat who brought it back to the simplified-bare rawness of this music. He is famous for his stripped down, synth-heavy, knocking Hip-Hop. Dilla passed away three years ago this weekend of Lupus. As a tribute to J Dilla here is a quick playlist with some of my favorite tracks by one of the most influential producers in Hip-Hop music… Click HERE to listen to JHigH\’s JDilla Playlist.



Party & Bullshit

I’ve been listening to the radio music at least once a month to see what is new and popular. I bet you’d agree with me that there is a ongoing trend for club music, rather than music with any conscious value. I think it’s a known fact that on a daily basis majority of people rather be surrounded with complete nonsense rather than being challenged mentally.
Hip Hop Club music has been evolving over the years, from story telling to house partying to now, drink buying club sexing vibes. So many of the club songs of today have the same theme, that it’s almost repetitive.

Here are a few club tracks, that mix quality with just plain fun.

Rah Digga – Party & Bullshit

Kardinal Offishall – Dangerous (feat. AKON)

The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (feat. Puff Daddy & MA$E)

What are some of your favorite Club Tracks?


How much did “Hip-Hop” infulence the recession?

Listening to my favorite cut of all time: Mass Appeal by: Gangstarr, caused me to think…

It is in the context of our present economic “recession” that I raise this question:  How much did “Hip-Hop” infulence the recession?   Most people reading this blog already know the history on how Hip-Hop rose from the slums of New York City, to become a global melting pot of outspoken creation on all artistic mediums by generation X and Y’ers (not just music – don’t get it twisted).   We all know about the commericialization of the music and the culture into mainsteam society.  

Hip-Hop was the ugly duckling that grew into a gorgeous swan, only to get its innocence exploided by Uncle Sam .   It has flooded every profitable (currency) market from childeren’s toys to liquors; marketing the false persona that “Bling Bling” is going to enrich our lives and bring us happiness.   Basically in a nutshell Corporate Americana is marketing greed to this “tv” nation.   

What better source than Hip-Hop to relay these messages of greed with?  Hip-Hop reaches every demographic in this nation.  It provides jobs to people that don’t even like the music or know what it really is.   It causes people to want things that they can’t afford, to buy things they can’t pay off.  We all know what that lead (and continues to lead) toward.

Now don’t get me wrong I do belive in the American dream of making a dollar out of fifteen cents. I don’t want to be hypocritical by saying I don’t like nice cars and enriching myself with material things when I have a little extra cash.   But…

Just a thought I needed to write…  there’s a lot more I want to discuss but I feel myself getting a bit off of the subject so signing off for now…


Reppin’ Checkmate Films – LA, CA… All Day!

Mass Appeal by: Gangstarr