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[RIP MJ] Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell

With the passing away of Micheal Jackson, we are all in shock.

Let’s sooth our minds with this classic track from Nas entiled “It Aint Hard To Tell”.  It was featured on Nas’ debut album Illmatic. It features production from Large Professor and samples from Micheal Jackson’s single “Human Nature”.



The Ecstatic – A breath of fresh joints

The new album just dropped on June 9, 2009 is just what Mos Def fans, and music lovers have been waiting for. Recently I’ve been thinking to myself “Do solid full albums even get made anymore”? Well, seems like “The Ecstatic” screams a resounding YES! Since I’ve put the CD (yes I said cd) into the player I have not been able to stop listening to it. This album has the classic Blackstar flavor along with 2009’s current fresh mixture of singing and rhyming! On a full length 16 track album? “Unheard of” you say? With the singles “Life in Marvelous Times” (track 7) and “Casa Bey” (track 16), and production from Madlib, The Neptunes, Preservation, and even the late great JDilla. This is the definitive answer for those seeking real music, in a time where it is hard to even find an artist who can create a full album!


The Cool Kids – Black Mags

“Black Mags” are magnesium alloy wheels that can be found on bicycles. With their cool, ol’school image and experimental/hyphy type production, the Cool Kids will make sure that you know that. Coming out of Illinois, these Kids got something fresh.


Kidz In The Hall – Wheels Fall Of

Something about Kidz In The Hall makes them feel like they made their debut back when Pete Rock was at his prime, but ironically that isn’t case. Kidz In the Hall was formed in 2000. Representing Chicago , These two kidz bring something fresh to the table. Check out their 2006 single “Wheels Fall Off”.


Epik High – Map The Soul

Epik High, a Korean Hip Hop, unit has collaborated with KERO ONE and MYK to create the worldwide version of their song “Map The Soul”.

Check this out! This is serious Hip Hop!


KERO ONE – Welcome to The Bay

Good Hip Hop is here once again!
I ran into KERO ONE sometimes last year at one of his club events out in LA. Probably one of the coolest emcees that I’ve met in a while. I first heard his sound back when he had 20 friends on myspace, and Immediately showed support. KERO ONE, brings a sound that is unique to himself. Raised in the Bay KERO provides a organic Hip Hop/Jazz sound over rhymes.  KERO says that no one was producing music they way he’d like to be, so went the extra mile to create it himself. The elements around his sounds are so nice that at times you can feel like you’ve been taken on a “Musical Journey”.
KERO’s first album “Windmills of the Soul”, released in 2005, is easily a masterpiece to anyone who appreciates music.

In anticipation for his second album, “EARLY BELIEVERS”, KERO drops his 1st Music Video for his lead single, “Welcome To The Bay”.


DJ Deckstream and his Soundtracks

If you dont already know, DJ Deckstream is getting major support out in the Japan Hip Hop Scene. Originally know and Monosorick, when on NUJABES’ label HYDEOUT PRODUCTIONS, DJ Deckstream is working with a handfull of talented artist and producing quality Hip Hop and R&B Music. What is special about Deckstream’s production style is his ability to use renown samples and then transferring them to a new level.

DJ Deckstream has worked with a variety of artist including, T-Boz, Mos Def, Verbal(of m-flo), Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Nikki Jean, Bahamedia, Camp Lo, and DJ Premier.

He has recently released his second album entitled “Soundtracks 2” featuring some very refreshing Hip Hop & R&B Combos.

01. Screwtape / Feat. L-Universe
02. Unconditional Love / Feat. Nice & Smooth
03. Exit Sign / Feat. Nikki Jean
04. Around We Go / Feat. Novel
05. Recall The Scene / Feat. Junji Chiba
06. For My Ladies / Feat. Melodee
07. Real Thang / Feat. N’Dea Davenport (From The Brand New Heavies)
08. Life Is Good / Feat. Mos Def
09. This Is / Feat. Spree Wilson
10. Destination Sky / Feat. Substantial
11. Someday / Feat. T-Boz (From The Legendary TLC)
12. Funny Love / Feat. Milka

Sample the album at